We’re All in Recovery Now

Oxygen starvation

Channel surfing

A New Target

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  1. Recognize that we’re all in recovery. Maybe you remember how you felt in 2016, or in 2020 during the “red mirage” of November 3. That feeling that you don’t know your country? You don’t. And neither do Trump voters. Have some empathy. Be gracious. We won.
  2. While the new executive branch is coming into view, and in the future, don’t use Trump as a benchmark, ever. If you thought it was wrong for Trump to withhold his taxes, it’s wrong for your favorite candidate, too. Let’s hold our own politicians to a high standard, not just the low bar Trump couldn’t clear.
  3. One silver lining has been that Trump (along with GOP elected officials) revealed the slippery slope that can skid our democracy into oblivion. Never take your own vote for granted. Don’t use this valuable tool just to make a statement; it makes our government. Recognize how important you are.
  4. Emulate the Never-Trump Republicans. The “yellow-dog Democrat” was so named because they’d vote for any Democrat, “even a Catholic”, in 1928. That nickname isn’t a compliment. Democrats shouldn’t condescend; they hold a longevity record for being the party of bigotry. Blind obedience to a political party, or a government, or even a family, in the face of misconduct, is wrong, no matter who does it. Let’s hope that democracy always trumps party, even Trump’s party.
  5. Appreciate the federal and state career employees who do their jobs so professionally. They are both politically opinionated and fiercely non-partisan in their work. They are remarkably competent, and they endure largely unwarranted criticism. Some criticism comes from those who don’t like their decisions. Even more comes from those who don’t like our government at all. Now it’s coming from those who don’t like the guardrails protecting our democracy from those who don’t like our government. No matter how hard the losers always look for the election fraud that’s originated by voters, they’re nearly always unable to find it.



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