Georgia, It’s Up to You

  • Mitch McConnell sat on bills passed by the House, including a needed second stimulus to help people through this economic disaster and another bill to restore certain voter protections. They weren’t even brought up for discussion. Because the Vice President is the Senate tie-breaker, if a bill comes to a stalemate in 2021, Vice President Harris will be able to cast the vote that makes it a law. A tied Senate makes it so much easier.
  • The Majority Leader refuses to confirm Supreme Court Justices (and for that matter, many lower court justices), unless there’s a Republican in the White House. He hijacked a Justice from President Obama, and hijacked another Justice from President-elect Joe Biden. The Republican Senate starved the courts during Barack Obama’s presidency, and has packed the empty chairs with arch conservatives since 2017.
  • The Senate majority party chairs each committee, and has launched investigations intended to harm political opponents. They’ve promised to continue to do so during the Biden presidency. The same Senate was unwilling to bring in witnesses or review the testimony from the House impeachment inquiry and cleared Donald Trump without viewing any evidence. In a 50/50 Senate, decisions about matters like this are handled jointly by both parties. Elections have consequences.



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